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Providing Superior Client Services Since 2006!

Located in Olympia, WA since 2006, Townzen & Associates, Inc. has assisted the needs of cities, counties, tribal nations, school districts, higher education as well as many other public and private agencies. We are a multi-discipline firm that combines dedication, integrity and quality leadership for a diverse client base.


We accomplish this through our selective hiring practice. To become a member of our team you must have been a first responder or be board certified in you field of expertise. We are proud to say we have a mixture of both board certified and first responders on our team.


While our staff's expertise is equal or superior to any firm, it is our team's passion for providing unmatched service that makes Townzen & Associates, Inc. unique. 

We have a diverse staff ready to meet a wide array of disciplines including by not limited to: Electronic Security Design, Security Policy & Procedure, Hazard Assessments (natural or man made), Fire Code, Building Code, Peer Review, AHJ Services (plan review and inspections). This ensures that we have the right person for the job! We understand your challenges and responsibilities and are here to listen to your current issues and work with you to develop and implement methods to improve your effectiveness to your customer.


At Townzen & Associates, Inc. we deliver a quality product on time, every time! We have earned a stellar reputation because we are responsive, innovative and dedicated to providing exceptional products and services to our clients.  


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